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  • ULX Teleconference 2010-11-08
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  • Time: 08:00 PT | 11:00 ET | 16:00 UTC/GMT | 18:00 CEST (Time Chart)
  • Skype: +9900827042954214
  • US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
  • Room Code: 295-4214


1) Roll Call


  1. Scott Cantor
  2. RL "Bob" Morgan
  3. John Bradley
  4. Paul Trevithick

Voting, but not present:

  1. Axel Nennker
  2. Keith Uber
  3. Philippe Clement


  1. Bob Pinhero
  2. Benoit Bailleux
  3. Valeska O'Leary

Not present

  1. Gael Gourmelen
  2. Trent Adams

Quorate meeting (4 of 6)

2) Minutes

Approved the following minutes:

3) Terminology

We discussed and agreed on the names for these three Identity Selector architectures:

  1. RP-Managed Selector (e.g. our HTML mockup)
  2. Cloud Selector (e.g. Janrain, Avoco, Shiboleth Discovery etc.) --we formerly called this "ISA in the network"
  3. Active Client Selector (e.g. a browser integrated application or an enhanced browser) --we formerly called this "ISA in the device"

Paul made some comments about recent discussions, e.g. at IIW, about Active Client Selectors:

  • It is self-evident that the scope of ULX be limited to "next gen" active clients
  • Some feel that "next gen" active clients should rely on OAuth instead of using:
    • Dedicated client UI to gather auth materials
    • Dedicated UI to review/approve attribute/claim release
    • WS-Trust to fetch (e.g. SAML) token

Identity Selector Variations:

  • User-configurable - the Identity Selector can be configured with the user's preferred set of IdPs and other preferences
4) ULX Scope

We discussed and agreed that the ULX WG scope includes working on the following kinds of interactions between an Identity Selector and:

  • User
    • User Experience
    • Status: this is the first thing we worked on, we have an initial prototype
  • Relying Party (1) 
    • Defining what metadata the RP must supply to the IS
    • We have a JSON sample being circulated/discussed
  • Relying Party (2) NEW
    • Defining how a Cloud Selector and/or an Active Client Selector is invoked by the RP
  • IdP
    • Defining what metadata the IdP must supply to the IS

Scott: The "IdP Discovery Protocol" is not SAML dependent and could be used for the "Cloud Selector" case.

Next Meeting

  • Time: 08:00 PT | 11:00 ET | 16:00 UTC/GMT (Time Chart)
  • Skype: +9900827042954214
  • US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
  • Room Code: 295-4214
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