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  • ULX Teleconference 2010-06-07
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ULX Telecon 2010-06-07 (Monday)


  • Time: 11:00-12:00 Eastern
  • Skype: +9900827042954214
  • US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
  • Room Code: 295-4214


1) Roll Call
  1. Keith Uber
  2. Axel Nennker
  3. Scott Cantor
  4. Nate Klingenstein
  5. Gael Gourmelen
  6. Phillipe Clement
  7. Paul Trevithick
  8. John Bradley

Quorate meeting

2) Approve Minutes

The following minutes were approved:

3) Discussion of revised v4 Mockups

See Mockups - at top of page

  1. The consensus was that we SHOULD show up to three previously used buttons on the discovery popup (and NOT limit it to the singleton used the previous time). There were two reasons given:
    1. If a user only uses one account to login to this site then there would only be one shown, so that's no different than the current mockup. But if the user uses two or three then the cognitive load of choosing between them is extremely low and the advantage is the clarity of having these "previously used" accounts called out (visually) explicitly.
    2. John pointed out that if there are 2+ users of the same computer, then it is very helpful for any given user to see "their" login button
  2. Wording changes:
    1. Change "Recently" to "Previously"
    2. Change "less options" to "fewer options"

With the incorporation of the above, we're ready for Kevin to go ahead and create v4 of the dynamic web mockups.

4) Misc
  • Scott pointed out that the XRD specification is now making its way to a community spec and thus should be a stable basis for our XRD Discovery work.
  • Phillipe mentioned that he plans to suggest some agenda items for next week's call
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