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  • ULX Teleconference 2010-01-13
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ULX Telecon 2010-01-13


  • Date: Wednesday, 13 January 2010
  • Time: 16:00-17:00 Eastern
  • Skype: +9900827042954214
  • US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
  • Room Code: 295-4214


  • Paul Trevithick
  • Scott Cantor
  • Nate Klingenstein
  • Eve Maler
  • Joni Brennan
  • Trent Adams
  • Ashish Jain
  • John Bradley



0) Roll Call

Quorum achieved.

1) Approve Minutes

We didn't approve any minutes

2) Review Open Action Items

Only one open Action Item. But it was for Bob and Bob wasn't on this call.

3) Status of HTML Mockups


  • We have retained a consultant Kevin Konikowski to create an HTML mockup
  • We'll (Kantara) will pay him $500.00
  • He said he'd get this done fairly quickly --Paul guessed that we might be talking 2 weeks or so
  • We have connected Kevin with Joni
  • Joni is going to coordinate with Kevin with Kantara resources--Kantara will host the HTML mockups
4) IdP Selection WG charter vs. ULX Charter comparison.

PT: The task was to compare the two charters and then to craft a set of proposed updates to the ULX charter so that it could embrace the essence of the IdP Selection charter. I didn't get this done. I'll get it done for next week.

5) RP Metadata

For reference:

We all agreed that separating out the semantics from the syntax (the expression of the semantics in XRD) was a good idea.

SC: There is now a fairly stable working draft of XRD that reflects all of the post CD comments.

NK: Working on this RP metadata stuff seems out of scope for this WG, but then again there isn't yet a better place.

PT: So Mike can go ahead and update his XRD expression

Action Item: SC to ask around within the XRI TC to learn of the status of an "XRD profile of OpenID" so to speak.

6) New Topic: IdP Discovery Hints

SC: There are one or two groups in the SAML community that are exploring the use of "discovery hints" to make relevant IdP suggestions. These hints are metadata associated with an IdP. For example if a discovery mechanism (e.g. running on the RP or on a third party service) knows the IP address of the client and can compare this to a block of addresses associated with an IdP then it can suggest a likely-to-be-relevant IdP (e.g. an IdP that's in the same address range as the client)

7) New Topic: Events

We had a discussion of who was going to RSA and who was going to the Kantara event in Portland. Results:

Going to RSA: Paul, JohnB, Eve

Going to Kantara in Portland March 8-11: Eve, Paul?, Joni, Trent, John?, Bob(likely), Scott(unknown), Nate(no).

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