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  • ULX Teleconference 2009-11-11
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Kantara ULX Group Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: 2009-11-11
  • Time: 16:00 EDT


  1. Brett McDowell
  2. Joni Brennan
  3. Jonas Hogberg
  4. Benoit Bailleux
  5. Nate Klingenstein
  6. Barry Hieb
  7. Paul Trevithick
  8. Ashish Jain


  1. Mike Graves
  2. Eve Maler
  3. John Bradley
  4. Bob Morgan
  5. Valeska O'Leary

NOTE: Since we only had only 4 of the 6 voting participants required for quorum this was not a quorate meeting.


OpenID Summit and IIW Report & Discusssion

  • Paul reported on the many conversations about login UX that happened at the OpenID Summit and at IIW. Conversations with Aanchal Gupta the "login UX" person at Yahoo, Mozilla Labs folks, Apple, PayPal, Booz Allen.
  • There were two demonstrations of OpenID selectors: Microsoft and Azigo(Higgins)
  • There was a growing acceptance by the OpenID folks that an "active client" would be part of the OpenID future

Dynamic Prototypes

We discussed next steps. Mike Graves has volunteered servers at Janrain. Brett volunteered that Kantara itself has servers to offer. Paul mentioned that Valeska has found an HTML/Javascript developer who could create the mockups.

Radical Ideas

We discussed the question of whether the "with add-on" UX needed to be tied back to or constrained by the UX we come up with for the "unmodified browser" UX. Paul relayed that Mozilla (Labs) is thinking about putting a button in the browser chrome rather than relying on the user clicking a "login" button/link, etc.

There was a strong consensus that we should NOT compromise the "with add-on" UX but make it the best possible UX (even if this means that we go a bit more radical). As Ashish said, that "making the experience similar [ulx:between the two] was a 'nice to have' ".

Action Items

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Next Meeting

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