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  • ULX Teleconference 2009-10-28
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Kantara ULX Group Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: 2009-10-28
  • Time: 16:00 EDT


  1. John Bradley
  2. Trent Adams
  3. Mary Ruddy
  4. Scott Cantor
  5. Bob Morgan
  6. Paul Trevithick
  7. Valeska O'Leary


  • Mike Graves

NOTE: Since we only had 6 of the 22 participants this was not a quorate meeting.



  • We continued the discussion from last week about the login UX in the case where (i) there is no browser add-on (ii) the RP site trusts hundreds of IdPs. It is clear in this case that some kind of pop-up window can’t display hundreds of choices. At least some folks were uncomfortable about the idea of simply listing a few well known IdPs (e.g. Yahoo, Google, etc.). We discussed having a “search” like functionality within the pop-up (as has been done before). There are lots of open questions is the exact design of this search capability, the label text, its appearance, etc. We need testing to know what will work.
  • Preliminary discussion of the idea of developing separate “tracks” (work areas) with the this ULX group that different folks could work on. Candidate tracks included things like:
    • Continuing work on the “bitmap” style mockups that we’ve been doing and then evolving these into dynamic HTML mockups that have behavior and that otherwise appear to the test subject to be working
    • Exploration of how we would begin doing testing (what resources we could get volunteered; what communities we could share our work with). What do we need to do to being this process, etc.
    • Technical track: what technical work needs to happen to make all this work (both with and without a browser add-on)
  • On the “big picture” issue of whether folks felt that our efforts to develop a single UX framework that would work in a wide variety of circumstances (both with and without a browser add-on) was still (despite all the challenges) worth working on, there was broad agreement, though lots of realism as to how hard this might be. On the positive side, the general feeling was that even making a small amount of progress, could have a big impact.
  • In terms of testing methodology Valeska, [ulx:a person with lots of usability testing experience], felt that if we could create some dynamic HTML mockups we could expose these to the  generic professional community of UX designers and get valuable feedback, without the test subjects actual users of the mockups (e.g. NIH site users, or JISC-related UK higher ed users).

Action Items

  • We would all contribute to the list links to related work in this area

Next Meeting

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