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  • Repository for emerging standards for IDoT
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Loosely collection of standards/drafts/infos around IDoT



This is a Whitepaper about 5G Networks the beyond LTE network. While LTE was just a faster version of 3G the new 5G Network is a much broader approach taking also IoT requirements into account.


The TR-0001 describes the Functional Architecture. Chapter 7 is about M2M Entities and Object Identification. Chapter 11.3.4 describes M2M authentication.


The HEART Working Group intends to harmonize and develop a set of privacy and security specifications that enable an individual to control the authorization of access to health-related data sharing APIs....


(defines identifier for objects and things)

 GS1 specifies an Object Name Service (ONS) for Electronic Product Codes (EPC) - a subset of things





IETF - Use cases and requirements for authentication, authorisation and revocation in the Internet of Things

IETF - The Internet of Things - Concept and Problem Statement

Industrial Interent Consortium

Industrial Internet Reference Architecture can be downloaded here:

Trusted Computing Group

Provides a endpoint compliance profil standard


TNC Endpoint Compliance Profile Specification


IPSO Alliance (The IPSO Alliance is an organization promoting the use of the Internet Protocol (IP) for Smart Object communications)


INCITS - InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards The INCITS/Study Group on the Internet of Things (IoT) area of work will address standardization in the areas assigned to JTC 1/SWG on Internet of Things (IoT). The initial report referenced the Study Group but the Study Group was having trouble getting cooperation.


ISO/IEC JTC 1 - International Standards Organization/International Electrotechnical Commission Joint Technical Committee 1 - States that the IEC through ISO/IEC JTC (Joint Technical Committee) 1: Information Technology, has created two SWGs (Special Working Groups) on the Management and Internet of Things. The aim is to identify market requirements and standardization gaps.


ITU - International Telecommunications Union – The ITU has a Joint Coordination Activity on Internet of Things (JCA-IoT) (largely based on previous RFID work), and - Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things (IoT-GSI) promotes a unified approach in ITU-T for development of technical standards (Recommendations) enabling the Internet of Things on a global scale.


NHSTA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Begin Implementation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Technology Where you can read the 327 page research report

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