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  • Product Roadmap for Kantara 'User agreement' Receipt Concept
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A page to contain material related to discussion of Consent Receipt product roadmap and next versions

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I have written a blog post about thinking of the general 'data agreement' concept when discussing next versions of the Receipt spec.

Also, attached, I have described some high level use cases that might also be interesting to discuss.


A new flowchart that shows activities related to an individual and service provider entering into an agreement. The idea here is that for any use case that the WG wants to analyse, we should be able to discuss requirements and details for each box in this general flow chart, and refine it to suit the use case.

(2019-03-28) Note that this initial flow chartdoes not imply that personal data is involved- it is just a starting point. Additional flow chart versions that incorporate actions related to data flows will need to be created.
GitHub repo to track Receipt Specification feature requests (Current)
Backlog document leading into Consent Receipt Specification v1.1 (Historical)Consent Receipt v1.1 Work Backlog2019-05-07
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  1. This is an adaptation of Andrew's original individual/Service Provider (SP) agreement flow created as a tool for IEEE 7012.  It's an exploration of a scenario where the SP broadcasts terms preferences which are received by the individual (or individual's agent) at the time of Service Discovery.  The Individual/agent then presents their terms to the SP at the time of Service Request (having taken into consideration the SP's broadcasted terms).  This flow doesn't show all paths, or the completion of the process; it shows only one iteration of negotiation.