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  • ON-Meeting Notes - 2013-10-28
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Oct 28, 2013, in London 


(if this meeting needed a quorum it had one )

  • Mark Lizar  

    Reuben Binns -

  • Valentino Sparta
  • Ivan Amaya
  • Par Lannero
  • Innes Walker
  • Iain Henderson
  • Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol
  • Jan Shallaboeck


  • First Physical Open Notice meeting - 
  • Objective is to start collaborating - 
  • update/present on projects - 
  • Discuss Next Steps

Discussion Items

TimeItemWhoPresentation Link SlidesNotesDiscussion
30minPresentation on the Consent TagMark Lizar
  • Opened with the question: what is Open Notice?
    • Joe Andrieu presented a version of the Open Notice posted in the Schema Sandbox on the wiki). This version of Open Notice was not consent specific. Rather for each web page was not consent specific and used for each web page. In this context a consent receipt would be a specific instance of an Open Notice,
    • In this context the Consent Receipt is a
  • Mark talked about Discovery/Publishing of the consent receipt. 
  • Various notice discovery options presented
    • The provision of a consent receipt at the point of consent is the primary way of discovery for the consent tag.
      • Wether this works for all open notices is up for debate, in fact a publishing methods of consent tags can themselves be used to open the notice of the website, and be published with the various discovery options presented in the presentation
  • Consent tag is required infrastructure that is missing and needed for compliance to solve many issues regulators have - illustrated EU law and talked about NSTIC - US Gov - Hypothesis for Discovery is that Adoption will be required with new EU laws. Discovery will be at the point of consent.

We discussed the consent tag, Par question the use of the word tag.  It was agreed that the consent tag is really more of a digital consent transaction receipt. Valentino does a lot of work crowdsourcing and tagging legal resources and there is a distinct difference between what is common thought of as tagging and what we are proposing with the 'Consent Tag"  So we are now changing this to 'Consent Transaction Receipt/Token'.  This term may change again but for now it closer to accurately representing the effort.  (personally I am leaning towards Consent Transaction Token (CTT).  Its more functional description than conceptual)
30 MinPresentation on Common TermsPar Lannero

  • Par presented on Common Terms, illustrating how signs are very important and used to summarise and make useful policy.
  • Illustrated a concentrated study of common elements of policy and broke these down to an easy category
  • Developed a process for companies to go through to link policy to these categories


  • Lots of discussion about categories and different ways to display data found in terms, with Hugo and (TOS;Dr).
  • Valentino suggested that he can help with the Common Terms project and will send Par an email to this regard
  • Hugo and Par to discuss and look at common categories
30 MinPresentation on Notice From Data Controllers RegisterReuben Bins 
  • Presented his research on purpose in data protection
  • collected data base of data protection registrations and listed purposes by type
  • Illustrated a dynamic diagram for
  • Interesting to see what is used for purpose now and how relevant (or not) it is to current environment of consent online
30 MinPresentation - Usable Privacy ProjectNorma SadehRemote Participation


  • Work comes from privcy preference modelling, location sharing privacy prefs, mobile app for privacy prefs,

people care about limited number of issues - small clusters who have like-minded preferences.

  • Work includes 
    • personalising disclosures
    • nutrition labels, privacy icons, etc.
    • NLP and machine-learning
    • Parsing and statistical linguistic analysis techniques - to auto extract features of policies. Not to fully automate, (impossible) but to speed up what can be accomplished with crowd-sourcing. The ability to identify a small number of silences.
    • E.g. privacychoice. Go beyond keywords.
      • Amazon mechanical turk - to get quality annotations.
    • Identify pertinent fragments of texts - extract answers.
    • Formal methods side - build on what extracted from policies. formal models of privacy policies
    • Joel Reidenberg working on the legal side, with aleecia mcdonald, lorrie cranor.
    • Updating the sweeping techniques. GPEN sweep.
    • Joel Reidneberg - ask about the raw data from GPEN.

Playing with different ways of asking questions to users. Presentations.

funded by the national science foundation (US)

  • grouping and packaging privacy preferences
    • done a lot of work in nutrition labels
    • privacy icons
  • Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
  • Norman Sadeh explained that the project is starting and that they are reviewing applications from post graduates to start in January
  • Will post a post grad to the list at this point
  • Available via email and very much interested in collaborating where and when possible



Topics for discussion

  • Joint funding proposals
    • we discussed with Jan about looking for EU funding calls
    • Norman Sadeh mentioned that the he was open to collaborating with a sister project  
  • Ways we collaborate
    • The Open Notice Google List
      • We decided to use if for general discussion and use the WG list for work based discussion
  • What to do next
    • will look into categories
    • funding for Open Notice joint collaboration
  • Open Notice Website
    • Par to take a look

Action Items

  • Everyone: Introduce self on WG-InfoSharing & Expand Wiki in your area of interest
  • Mark Lizar to compile notes
  • Mark start a page for categories 
  • Propose funding ideas (if you have them)
  • Par - Open Notice Website Update
  • Par - Cookie Policy Use Case for Consent Tags
  • Reuben - Ask about if Uni Southampton can be trustee for funding
  • Valentino send Par email on Common Terms
  • J-S: find out about new EU funding stream.