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  • NSTIC DG Meeting Notes 2011-07-05
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Paul Simmonds
Brett McDowell
Laurie Tull
Colin Wallis
Richard Wilsher
Sal D'Agostino
Colin Soutar
Eve Maler
Mark Lizar
Bob Pinheiro
Ben Wilson
Helen Hill

Joni Brennan
Anna Ticktin



  • Roll Call

Action item review:

  • ACTION ITEM 20110628-01 Volunteers : Amalgamate responses into consolidated text  and forward to RGW by week's end (Friday 1 July 2011).
  • ACTION ITEM 20110628-02 MARK will revise his straw man and redistribute to the list.

2. NOI Progress Report / Review (see attachment and note below)

  • The DG worked thru the draft document with all the amalgamated responses.
  • Jeremy is looking for examples / models but also our recommendations for the steering committee.
  • The Notice of Inquiry refers to the Strategy's four guiding principles, that identity solutions must be: privacy-enhancing and voluntary; secure and resilient; interoperable; and cost-effective and easy to use.
  • Colin Soutar:
    • I think that the two principles of: secure and resilient; and interoperable; fall within the general technical interoperability and conformance domain and Kantara has good experience in international conformance testing and validation of identity system components.
    • The other principles of privacy-enhancing and voluntary would seem to fall more into the policy and legal frameworks that will need to be reconciled between the various jurisdictional bodies, such as applications or nations.   Kantara can offer a broad range of application and national body experts on these topics.
    • The last principle of: cost-effective and easy to use; would seem to be more of a commercial consideration that will be self-resolving once systems have been approved according to the developed standards - although the work by the UMA and Information Sharing Working Groups would seem to be very helpful in regards to "easy to use".
    • If we break up the suggested composition of the steering group according to the above, I think it would be clearer to see what the role(s) of Kantara could be.
  • RGW is requesting another collaborative push for comments by week's end in order to turn around a next draft by the telecom next week.

3. AOB


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