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  • NSTIC DG Meeting Notes 2011-06-28
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Richard Wilsher
Paul Simmonds
Laurie Tull
Matthew Gardiner
Colin Soutar
Colin Wallis
Mark Lizar
Sal D'Agostino
Ben Wilson

Joni Brennan
Anna Ticktin



  • Roll Call

2. NOI comment review
Participants on the call discussion sections one and two of the responses compiled to date.

The DG dove into a deeper discussion around the steering committee being structured by 3-4 stakeholder groups that embraces an across the board representative process.
Question : Who are the contributory groups? What do we do about developing standards and procedures?

Section 1 — Joni Brennan
Section 2  — Richard Wilsher
Section 3  — Sal D'Agostino, Laurie Tull
Section 4  — Paul Simmonds

  • ACTION ITEM 20110628-01 Volunteers : Amalgamate responses into consolidated text  and forward to RGW by week's end (Friday 1 July 2011).
  • ACTION ITEM 20110628-02 MARK will revise his straw man and redistribute to the list.

3. AOB


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