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  • NSTIC DG Meeting Notes 2011-06-24
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Paul Simmonds
Eve Maler
Richard Wilsher
Colin Soutar
Brett McDowell
Linda Goettler
Mark Lizar
Ben Wilson
Matthew Gardiner
Colin Wallis
Bob Pinheiro
Laurie Tull

Joni Brennan
Anna Ticktin


1. ADMINISTRATIVE - Anna Ticktin

  • Roll Call

2. Welcome - Richard Wilsher


  • The DG is tasked to create initial text as a draft response to the NOI. Subsequently, the DG will review and refine that text.

3. Regular Call Schedule - Anna Ticktin


  • Tuesdays, 11h PST / 14h EST / 18h UTC
  • Teleconference Info Line C:
  • Skype: +9900827042954214
  • North American Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
  • Room Code: 2954214
  • The above weekly telecon schedule is accepted by consensus.
  • ACTION ITEM 20110624-01 Anna to schedule weekly NSTIC-DG telecons into the Kantara organizational calendar.

4. Draft Response Development Schedule - Richard Wilsher

  • Review of technical input - 28 June, 5 July
  • First Draft (no more technical input) - 12 July (specifically review whether we need additional technical input and determine what level of Kantara sign off is necessary)
  • Draft copy sent to BoT for review/input - 14 July
  • Final NSTIC DG Draft - 19 July
  • LC Resolution - 20 July
  • BoT Resolution - 21 July

5. Using the Comment form*
6. Weekend writing assignments*  

  • RGW is asking individuals to review the NOI and comment with rough bullet points against each item and forward these comments to him by e.o.d. Monday.

7. AoB

  • ACTION ITEM 20110624-02 Richard & Joni will reach out to relying parties for participation in this forum.
  • Might this steering group be the leading voice of advice to Jeremy Grant and his budget? This group feels the steering committee could serve to validate, prioritize and recommend proposals for funding and NSTIC budget expenditures.


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