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Version 4 Revised Mockups

Home page

Click Sign In

Click What is this

Mouse over Google

Close button

Nth time

More options

Nth time with Equifax

Nth time other options

Version 3

This document is a static mockup of Flow #1 within Use Case: Unmodified Browser, First Visit of the NIH Scenario. Version 3

Step #1: Alice clicks a Sign-in button (not shown)

Step #2: The add-on displays this "account selector" window:

  • Shows these two kinds of buttons:
    • (a) Representations of Alice's list of configured OpenIDs that are ON the RP's white list (shown WITH a blue outline)
    • (b) Representations of the rest of the RP's white list (shown WITHOUT a blue outlne) less those shown in (a)
  • The << and >> imply that there are yet other (b)-type IdPs
  • Alice's Facebook and Janrain OpenIDs and her PayPal infocards are all not shown in the account selector because the RP site doesn't include Facebook in its white list

Step #3: Alice clicks on Google.

The add-on now displays (hmm...since the add-on knows that Alice already has a Google account, it probably shouldn't show the "Don't have a Google Account?" text):

Step #4: Alice authenticates to Google

Alice types in here username & password and clicks "Sign in" (not shown)

Step #5: Alice agrees to share Google attributes with NIH

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