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  • Implementation Ideas for USTs
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Implementation Ideas (should be moved to another page and flesh out further.. tbd):
  • Interface issues: how a company presents the interface on their own product or service is something we can advise on, and give examples for but obviously companies are going to do what works for them;  versions of this may include:  
    • a company could show the icons and make definitions one click away, asking users to choose the icons they want
    • companies might make it possible for a user to point to another user's selections and just use those
    • a company might offer a simpler way to choose a lot of privacy control with little data sharing, a medium amount of each, or little privacy with lots of data sharing. NOTE: We should probably advise on this, once our project has an MVP.. based upon our experiences and ideas
  • Reverse cookie: could an entity be asked to consent to my terms before they place a cookie? Can the service, and TOU and privacy policy be customized based upon the USTs.
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