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  • IDoT telecon 2013-11-19
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IDoT telecon 2013-11-19

Date and Time


  • Roll call
  • Action item review
  • IDoT use-case collection / next steps
  • AOB


Minute taker: Keith Uber

Action item review

no items to review

IDoT Use case collection

Continuation/recap of list discussion on risk of having a single protocol/channel for all things.

An earlier shared presentation may have lead readers to believe that the plethora of protocols is a problem in itself.

Scott Jensen had categorized things into three layers 

  • measurements / actuators
  • control
  • coordination

(supervisory, control, data acqusition)

Consensus was that the categorization is okay and we can try to map our use cases to these.

"A thermometer sounds harmless but a hacked thermometer hides an overheating problem or could initiate a nuclear power plant shutdown."

Action Point 1:

To try to iteratively build a spreadsheet with the SCADA classfiications down one axis and a common feature/functionality on the other access
- iterating on the categories and structure of the sheet of course

- Colin volunteered to start

Action point 2:

Find an existing or come up with a list of existing proprietory protocols

Show how many various protocols are around and to see the state of the art.

  • CAN-bus
  • Serial comms
  • etc

- Sal volunteered to start a page


  • Colin Wallis
  • Keith Uber
  • Jeff Stollman
  • Sal D'agostino

Next Meetings

Tuesday, November 26, at 9am PT (time chart)


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