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Digital Identity Professionals

ID Pro Discussion Group (IDProDG)


The purpose of this DG is to act in the capacity of a “Birds of a Feather” group and is three-fold:

  1. to bring to consensus the items identified in the Survey published in September 2016 regarding pledgees’ views on the founding principles, vision, mission, scope of activities, and

  2. to provide consensus based responses to questions posed by the Kantara Board ID Pro sub-committee on operational feasibility, services offered, structure, membership and codes of conduct, business model, branding, etc., and

  3. to define the scope of content including the initial body of knowledge necessary to underpin the organization, starting with a taxonomy of professional disciplines for Identity Professionals.  

The work shall complete Friday January 13th 2017 and be encapsulated into a Report to the Kantara Board ID Pro sub-committee and external publication.  


Proposed DG Chair to be Ian Glazer with an elected Vice-chair, Secretary, and work stream leaders subject to confirmation by a vote of the DG Participants.


 Anticipated Participants in this DG are limited to the pledgees as of the close of the pledge page on 31st August 2016.


The Organization approved Intellectual Property Rights Policy to cover any copyright material that may be produced as a result of DG 'Participants' posts to the wiki or email archives.

Kantara Initiative IPR Policy - Option Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA


  • Ian Glazer

  • Andrew Hughes

  • Robin Wilton

  • Allan Foster

  • Ken Dagg

  • Colin Wallis

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