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Please note this Participant Roster indicates those participants who signed the Group Participation Agreement (GPA) for this group. Habitual non-attenders of meetings are at risk of being declared non-voting. Voting rights are re-established immediately when the participant attends a meeting and asks to have voting rights reinstated. Participants of any stripe always have mailing-list posting privileges.

"1" indicates attendance
The "q( n )" designation means quorum was reached, with n being the minimum number of voting participants required.

Quorum Calculation

As of April 1, 2014 quorum is 6 of 11. 

Voting Participants 

ParticipantOrganizationGPAMar 27Apr 11
Alsanabani, Ala Ala Alsanabani2014-03-27  
Gummadivalli, NageshOptiv2016-04-16  
Horne, GrahamIdentity labs Ltd2015-04-30  
Jaffe, IanPing Identity2016-06-22  
Januszewski, Joseph Joseph Januszewski2013-03-27  
Kandula, Srini  2014-07-09  
Lynch, LiamCloudioSphere2013-03-011 
Mahmud, ShamunDLT Solutions2013-03-080 
Manral, Jai 2016-05-20  
McEvoy, Neil Cloud Best Practices Network2013-03-031 
Meck, JimMITRE2015-01-13  
Olshansky, Steve Internet Society2014-02-17  
Pendić, Dragan 2014-09-29  
Piñero, BlasTuitravel A&D PLC2013-03-090 
Piscopo, Nuccio iFossF2013-03-231 
Schoonover, Glenn Troop ID2013-03-28  
Sudarshan, Manoj Manoj Sudarshan2013-04-0  
Wilson, RobRob Wilson2013-03-080 

Non-Voting Participants

Boorshtein, Marc Tremolo Security


Choi, PeterSandia National Laboratories2015-07-28
Faut, NathanKPMG LLP2013-03-05
Festa, AlessandroDell2014-02-20
Foard, Ross  2015-07-27
Gupta, Manish 2015-07-14

Manchanda, Akhil

Modi, ShimonShimon Modi2013-03-19
Morrow, SusanAvoco Secure2013-03-04
Natale, BobMITREApril 1, 2015
Pasupathinathan, Vijay  2014-06-15
Rotondi, DomenicoTXT e-solutions SpA2013-03-04
Santos, Gabriel MagarinoIcsynergy International L.P2013-03-06
Sadasivam, GaneshkumarGaneshkumar Sadasivam2013-03-05
Tirumalai, Srikant Srikant Tirumalai2013-03-04
Wallis, ColinInternal Affairs Dept, NZ Govt2013-03-04
Vierling, GiovanniEverett2015-03-19
Yuan, Gerywis2016-05-17
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