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  • CIWG Consumer Identity WG Teleconference - August 7, 2009
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Kantara Consumer Identity Work Group Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: Friday, August 7, 2009
  • Time: 0900 PDT | 1200 EDT | 1700 UTC | 1800 CEST


Britta Glade, Trent Adams, Jeff Stollman, Iain Henderson, Peter Davis, Bob Pinheiro


1. Introductions
2. Overview of WG Goals, Deliverables

    Summarized goals and deliverables as defined in the WG Charter

3. Discussion: How can the WG make a difference?

    Build traction with interested parties:

  • Attract potential deployers of high assurance consumer identity solutions - even if involvement is only tangential, just to get people "into the loop."
  • Rather than asking directly for involvement, we may need to put something out (use cases, whitepapers, etc) or otherwise demonstate something tangible in order to show potentially interested parties the value of our work
4. Discussion: Market Research
  • The User Driven Volunteered Personal Information Technology WG has made a proposal to conduct some research (possibly surveys, etc) to help the WG better understand the needs of users with regard to volunteered personal information
  • Could there be some synergy with the Consumer Identity WG, so that this research might also be able to address consumer identity and authentication issues?  For instance,
    • How do consumers perceive threats to their online identities or other online resources?
    • How do the policies of online service providers affect the motivation levels of consumers to adopt stronger identity credentials; ie
      • Is there sufficient motivation to adopt stronger identity credentials if service providers do not change current policies?
      • How would consumers react if service providers required adoption of stronger identity credentials in order to continue to be protected when something goes wrong?
  • We will further explore the possibility of contributing questions to this research effort in order to help shed light on high assurance consumer identity issues, provided that funding is made available.
5. Discussion: Use Cases
  • We bagan a discussion of the preliminary Consumer Identity Use Cases that were previously distributed.
  • A point was raised as to whether the use cases should contain more complex examples of specific scenarios in which consumer identity is important, such as the purchase of a new car, or whether appropriate use cases could still be defined that did not incorporate more complex consumer identity examples.  Part of the answer depends on what the purpose of a use case is, and how definition of these use cases will help to focus the ongoing work.
    • Iain Henderson agreed to take a look at the use cases he has developed for the User Driven Volunteered Personal Information Technology WG, which focus on volunteered information exchange as it relates to someone purchasing a new car, to see if it is possible to "strip out" those instances in which the identity of the consumer must be established. 
    • If this can be done, we'll further explore how a set of high assurance consumer identity use cases can be defined that incorporate these examples, or otherwise incorporate sufficient complexity to ensure that important consumer identity issues are not overlooked. 
5. Leadership Positions

Britta mentioned the need to have balloting for WG leadership positions, document editors, etc.  We'll discuss this further on the next call.

Next Meeting

  • Date: Friday, August 14, 2009
  • Time: 0900 PDT | 1200 EDT | 1700 UTC | 1800 CEST (Time Chart)
  • Dial-In: +1-218-862-7200
  • Code: 531057

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