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  • CIWG Agenda and Minutes-2010-07-13
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Kantara Consumer Identity WG Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2010
  • Time: 9 PDT | 12 Noon EDT | 5 PM UK | 1600UTC
  • Call-in Info: Skype: ++9900827044630912
                       US/Canada Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022 | Room Code: 4630912
                       UK  +44 (0) 8454018081


Antoine Mason
Sal Khan
Bob Pinheiro
Joni Brennan
Dervla O'Reilly


Vikas Mahajan


Revisit Project Plan and future direct of CIWG in light of NSTIC


We discussed a number of topics related to consumer identity, the proposed CIWG project plan, and the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.  Among these were:

  • whether "high assurance" authentication always requires high assurance of a consumer's identity, as is currently assumed in NIST 800-63 and the Kantara IAF, or how/whether "high assurance" can refer to authentication of a claim other than a claim of identity, such as a claim of authorization to access certain resources, or an attribute-related claim (over-18, etc)
  • assuming consumer use of high assurance credentials becomes widespread, how can service providers / relying parties be discouraged from requiring high assurance credentials / assertions to access services that should require only low assurance credentials
  • how can biometrics be used to ensure that a credential can only be used by the appropriate person, not someone else
  • whether high assurance authentication always requires an assertion from an identity provider

Sal Khan of aTrust Inc presented some of the work that his company is doing with regard to the use of biometrics to bind a specific human being to a digital identity credential. Sal also discussed six strategic initiatives which, in his view, will help grow consumer confidence in eCommerce, prevent identity theft, and significantly reduce fraud  Sal has made available to CIWG three documents that describe this work:

There were no specific changes suggested to the current CIWG proposed project plan as a result of this meeting.  Another vote on the plan will likely be scheduled again.  We continue to seek comments on the proposed plan from other sources, and will suggest changes / modifications if they become warranted.

Next Meeting

  • Date: August 3, 2010
  • Time: 9 PDT | 12 Noon EDT | 1600 UTC (Time Chart)
  • Dial-In: Skype: ++9900827044630912
                       US/Canada Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022 | Room Code: 4630912
                       UK  +44 (0) 8454018081

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