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  • 2020-11-04 Meeting notes
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Voting Members

No Quorum. 3 of 5 voting needed

Non-Voting Members

Regrets/Not attending


  • Complete the initial roster for the drafting group
  • Confirm the schedule and cadence for drafting and revisions
  • Level setting and briefing on 18013-5

Discussion items

5 minutesCall To Order
10 minutesDrafting Cadence
  • The discussion group meetings are now booked for every third week. Next meeting  
    • Target to have an intitial outline with basic content and use cases to bring back to the DG
  • Drafting group call for volunteers. Currently:
  • Google Doc and GitHub repo have been created. All members of the DG will be given view/comment rights. The drafting committee will have edit rights. The GitHub repo will be activated later when close to publication as per last week's discussion.
  • Drafting group can use the same time booking on the GTM for sessions
    • Decision request: should that time be booked for the drafting group?
    • No objections to Drafting group meeting at the same time between DG meetings. Kantara staff will set up the meetings in the GTM calendar.
40 minutesmDL Update
  1. mDL mechanics as described in 18013-5. 
  2. Trust model implementation activities.
  3. The role and content of the AAMVA mDL Guidelines, as it relates to the work of the PImDL.
  4. Q & A
3 minutesKantara

Health Identity Assurance WG report

  • Use Case from IDESG
5 minutesWrap up & Adjournment
  • Summarize Discussion
  • Identify Action Items, if any
  • Adjourn

Next Meeting:  

Action items

  • All members should provide their email to OR add their email to the Participant Contact Information Page (You need a Kantara ID to be able add it directly.
  • John Wunderlich to provide Google Docs "Commentor" link to all DG members
  • John Wunderlich to provide Google Docs "Editor" llnk to Drafting group members\


Decks used in today's presentation:

Recording of the presentation (content starts about 30 seconds in):

2020-11-04 11.19 PImDL Discussion Group.mp4