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  • 2016-11-14 Meeting Notes
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Nov 14, 2016



  • What's next?
  • How to connect User Terms and Consent Receipt?
  • Would an agent negotiate terms for user, then create the CR, then give the user their CR or hold for them.
  • Proof of concept with Ad Block Plus - Doc will take this on.
  • Next logical step: do a proof of concept?
    • Ad Blocker Plus
    • Banks -> know your customer process is always required (KYC - credit check process).
      • Bank has to prove that they know who individual is and currently they ask everyone but individual
        • should ask individual
        • they would get a better score at lower cost
        • single use term for obtaining data user shares
          • One off use, delete it when done, get consent receipt
      • Bank as agent, would present info on behalf of user, and would do so with UST required first before data is shared
      • Bank as agent, would hold CRs
  • To dos:
    • Iain to dig up info sharing agreements and send to group
    • Mary to ask Scott to get more of his time and what that might take
    • Doc is going to check into Ad Block Plus to see about POC

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