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  • 2016-08-29 Meeting Notes UST
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Aug 29, 2016



  • Road map next steps for UST
  • Iain Henderson comments that creating the intent casting demo at JLINC only required the artefact definition
  • John Wunderlich suggests we need a machine readable version of user submitted terms to allow communication and interoperability with CHEDDAR/Consent Receipts
  • Doc Searls wants to recruit for real world demos
  • Mary Hodder terms and receipts need to be interoperable. Concern is that we need to make the terms first? Makes the point that design and scoping should start with with UX.
  • Consensus on the notion of doing a survey to find out what terms makes sense to people not buried in this world
  • Colin Wallis suggests starting with the Kantara List
  • Mary Hodder points out that the survey needs to be carefully written to explain what it is we are asking
  • Jim Pasquale asking if "Why" intent casting should be first, then explaining the "How" and "What" becomes much easier
  • Iain Henderson suggests starting with a 'problem statement' - "Everyone knows that...."

Action Items

  • @Mary Hodder to draft an initial survey for this group to comment next Monday 
  • Everyone please provide feedback on possible terms and how to express scope (send the email to wg list)