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  • 2016-08-01 Meeting Notes
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Aug 01, 2016


  • Thomas Gundel


  • Colin Wallis
  • David Kelts



  • Denny Prvu



  • Agenda
    1. Roll call + note taker
    2. Approve minutes of previous meeting(s)
    3. Work item "Code of Conduct for Relying Parties (potentially Attribute Providers) for services to Government“ (Colin)
    4. FIWG Sync / SAML2 Interop Profile (Rainer)
    5. Reports from countries and recent conferences
    6. AOB

Discussion Items

We had a brief discussion about potential use cases of block chains and smart contracts in e-Government (public registers being one area), and the perspective of a technology designed to be fully distributed and lacking central control by design, versus government processes that are backed by hierarchical organizations enforcing the rules.

Colin is still working on code of conduct, a task carried over from the time before he became Kantara’s exec director.

The Fed Interop SAML profile is kept on the agenda for regular reporting, although there is nothing to report this time.
The links to the current work are at:

Colin and David reported from CIS, and David from a relaunch of NemID, which has federation of Bank and Government IDPs and eIDAS-compliance on the road map.

Colin reported that Kantara is actively searching an alternative location to establish Kantara Europe, since the UK became less advantageous recently. 

Colin's Comment on the last statement: 

I do want to clarify that last sentence which has attempted to summarize down several minutes of conversation.


The point I made on the call was that the UK's decision following the EU Referendum had removed the convenience that Kantara potentially had, in establishing its European entity first and/or only in the UK.


That does not mean that Kantara would never establish some entity in the UK. If there are compelling business strategy reasons for doing so, Kantara could establish an appropriate entity in the UK or (for the most part) any other jurisdiction it wanted to.


While not explicitly stated, but I think implicitly understood since the majority of the attendees on the call were European based members, is that the compelling business strategy reasons for Kantara to establish in Europe to better serve its members there, is dependent on that location being of sustainable full Member State status.


Actually it is not a straight forward decision. Of the 27 MSs in the foreseeable future, no two are exactly the same when it comes to establishment, cost, regulation etc. Add to that, that Kantara has to consider the juxtaposition of the locales of its members in order to optimise the opportunities, it becomes clearer that it is quite a complex decision. 


Nonetheless we are making progress and hope to have something to report before the year-end.


Next Call

Date: 5. Spetember 2016

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