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  • 2016-05-02 eGov Meeting Notes
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1. Roll call + note taker

2. Approve minutes of previous meeting
3. Election results -
4. Work item "Code of Conduct for Relying Parties (potentially Attribute Providers) for services to Government“ (Colin)

5. FIWG Sync / Future of Kantara’s SAML2 eGov Interop Profile 

6. Reports from countries and recent conferences
7. AOB

Difficulties with TurboBrige (Down), resorted to Webex.

Non-quorate call

1. Roll Call
Keith Uber
Denny Prvu
John Spicer
David Kelts, MorphoTrust


Denny -
Discussion on Canadian landscape
Banks as commercial IDPs Five of the top banks have got together
Canada POST as IDP
2Keys and SecureKey roles

eID product, North Carolina pilot
NIST food and nutrition benefits online

Tax fraud prevention use cases
- Plan to spread against other US states
Based on the trust of the driver’s license
OpenID Connect based, but SAML supported

This summer. role out of registration process
In fall, larger scale use cases
By this time next year, in production



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