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  • 2016-04-11 Meeting Notes -- USTs
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Apr 11, 2016



Discussion Items

1 hourUST conceptDoc and Mary
  • We brainstormed having a single term that could be more binary, to make the "term" simple. Doc came up with a term that would cover both no tracking but also the allowing of Ads.
  • The terms we have include DNT or no-DNT. That covers tracking, but there is nothing that explicitly covers allowing ads.
  • However, all four terms together, in their defaults, do allow for the "wiggle room" of allowing either brand ads, or ads which are based upon "characteristics" from the 2nd party (direct relationship entity that an individual is engaged with). Those characteristics are necessarily aggregated, anonymized, and shared from "publisher" to advertiser in order to place ads. But they are not ads based upon the individual, tracking or other schemes that rat out the user.
  • These four terms even in 'default' mode, are complicated and imply the user could change or tune them. One in the arrangement where the mockup shows green, does it allow for this No Track + Ads (brand or characteristically based or based upon users explicitly shared interest).
  • One way to do this could be:
    1. an on/off switch for a master term
    2. ad blockers and privacy badger-like systems could then present the term
    3. Three choices are possible from the 2nd party:
      1. If there is a "YES" from the 2nd party, ad would be allowed through, and a consent receipt would be recorded and sent through to the individual's CR folder or repository.
      2. If there is a "NO" or "NO RESPONSE" a CR is generated and posted to the individual's folder or repository
    4. Then ads are blocked for services that don't give a "YES."  Ads are not blocked for those who agree to the Term.

Action Items


  • TO DO: I'll mock up a "mega term" icon that would basically cover by default the 4 areas our first stab at User Terms covered. ~mary
  • TO DO: A blog post to describe the sequence above and flesh out the next step for presentation at VRM day, how CRs fit in and how the blocking technologies might use the term and generate the CR. ~mary
  • TO DO: send to VRM list to iterate discussed prior to VRM day. ~mary
  • TO DO: revamp a draft of the human and legal readable language to support a "mega term."