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  • 2015-11-30 Meeting Notes USTs
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Nov 30, 2015



  • We discussed projects that are quickly trying to implement a non-contractual set of terms where we might help.
    • Duration may not be on the table for initial round at those projects
    • #safeads may be signal that an ad is not based on tracking to separate things based upon tracking
  • Law and privacy
    • EU changes in Data Protection expected in next month
    • FIPs based practices – may not scale in modern world but are dominant paradigm
      • where are you now?
      • where do you want to be?
      • what are ways to get there?
      • what do we do now?
    • Privacy Act 1974 originally just covered govt data collection (taxes and census - slow) but now it's lots of data and very fast
    • Bridge FIPs and Privacy Act.. knit together with contracts
    • Arbitrage needs to support the user
    • Don't want to constrain ourselves to FIPs duties
    • Some history on FIPs:  by Bob Gellman
  • How do people provide their own notice?
    • Can we portray this as more than privacy? Duties can help where terms give a complementary set of rights for personal data control.
    • Contracts become epoxy
  • ME-vertising - intentcasting
    • for advertisers where we do wish to be known, we still need terms for that
    • advertising is tracking verses not-tracking based
      • brand? verses tracking ads
  • Need intermediary to control the exchange of data, the way banks do this for exchange of money

Discussion Items


Action Items

  • @Mary to send out calendar invite for meeting Tuesday Dec 1 at 3pm PT, 6pm ET, 11pm GMT for working session on terms language