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Date and Time

Date: 1. December 2014

Time: 11:00 PDT | 14:00 EDT | 20:00 CET | 06:00 NZ(+1)

Role Call

  • Colin Wallis
  • Zeina Matta, TwoKeys
  • Ken Dagg
  • Thomas Gundel, ITCrew
  • Keith Uber, GlobalSign/Ubisecure (Note taker) 
  • Denny Prvu, CA
  • Rainer Hörbe

1. Administration

Non-quorate at start, quorate later. November minutes were not available yet -  Keith to update.
October meeting minutes approved late in call (when quorate ):

2.   Reorganization and affiliations between Kantara work groups

See our proposed place under Trust Services here;

General consensus: OK, makes sense

3.      Discussion: Change from WG to DG

Should we become a discussion group for 2015?

See the Section 5.5 of the By-Laws and Section 4 of the Operating Procedures at this link  for advantages/drawbacks.
We are under the trust services group.
Practical implications: in a DG, the main difference is you need to renew every year
needs three people to propose and form it - a quick process, LC approves.
An activity report needs to be done
Chair and vice-chair, secretary optional.

The biggest thing is there is no vote in the LC. Only WG can vote in the LC.

Ken: Outputs - looking at the charter, there are no outputs currently specified
Working idea: Title to be determined: "RP Requirements when Government is acting the role of an of RP"

Questions to examine:

  • Analysis of RP policy for eGov settings, IDP requirements of eGov RPs.
  • If the government acts as an RP, are there any special and common requirements?
  • Both technical and policy requirements
  • If the government becomes attribute or identity providers, what implications are there?

The IAWG hasn’t explored RP side in a lot of depth. The IDP side work has been done.

There is a lack of a focus point for Relying Parties.

Ken: It would be a liaison point with IAWG.

AP: Thomas to send a brief summary of what an eGov RP must do in denmark
AP: Ken: Take this matter to other lists for discussing - summarise and put in on the mailing list over the next few weeks. Ken to send to the list and also Colin.
AP: Colin: To request for the possibility of mail out to the  relevant links and ask for feedback. LC -list would be one option. To ask from other groups for interest or contacts.

5.   Reports from conferences, and items of interest to share from your jurisdiction

Keith: Finnish press reporting traveller's passport proposed as online government authn method. Is it done elsewhere?

Colin: NZ has a co-apply model, when you tick a box on the form for a new passport, details will be captured electronically and released with your consent to third parties.

Colin: NZ is looking at digital signature possibilities
from basic - tick a box and record that something was agreed to full blown PKI
Analyzing estimated market demand and costs
Ken: what risk are they trying to offset? Canada law requires electronic signatures for many transactions.

Keith: Finnish eGov data points, budgets:

Estimated figures for citizen ID in Finland, source:

Population 5.4 million.

Annual government spend is 109 million euros / year for strong authentication.

An estimated 72 million euros per year of this goes to banks for citizen strong ID. Most citizen services require bank or telecom operator credentials for login.

The government has an estimated 1500 contracts with the various commercial IDPs (banks, telcos) across all departments and services.

Estimated combined base running costs for various government identity infrastructure (proxy) services is 4-6 million euros/year. 

A project is underway to create a new authentication service/proxy to reduce running costs, as part of national IT infrastructure redevelopment based on Estonian X-Road open source platform.


Agreed to hold Jan 5th call, despite closeness to beginning of year.


Next Meeting  

Date and Time

Date: 5. January 2015

Time: 11:00 PDT | 14:00 EDT | 20:00 CET | 06:00 NZ(+1)


To join the teleconference 

Skype:  +99 051 000 000 481 
Conference Id: 613-2898 
US Dial-In: +1-805-309-2350 

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