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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Catherine Schulten2021-11-03 Meeting notes
Catherine Schulten2021-11-03 Meeting notes
  • All to review the document and make suggestions
2021-11-03 Meeting notes
Jim Kragh2021-10-05 Meeting notes
  • Jim Kragh follow up with ONC about our proposal.
Jim Kragh2021-10-05 Meeting notes
Catherine Schulten2021-09-21 Meeting notes
  • All to provide comments to Tom Jones on the proposed requirements for a verified wallet.
2021-09-21 Meeting notes
Jim Kragh2021-09-21 Meeting notes
  • Action: Thomas e Sullivan, MD  will share the User Engagement wiki page with HIA WG meeting on Thursday for feedback.
Thomas e Sullivan, MD2021-08-17 Meeting notes
  • Tom Jones  to send the document to Noreen, FIRE Secretary, for final clean up
Tom Jones2021-08-03 Meeting notes

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