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  • Verified Wallet Software Assessment Criteria

Discussion items

50minVerified Wallet Software Assessment CriteriaJim Kragh, Tom Jones

From Jim’s email:

[Thanks Tom for alerting our WG ........  I sent the attachment to Tom earlier today which we discussed and agreed this is yet another possibility for Kantara, Dr Tom's WG and the FIRE WG to bring into focus the value of KI'a Trust Framework and our related work efforts. Please read the FTC announcement below or the link that is embedded in the wike link Tom sent.  I appreciate Tom's assistance since I am in the process of selling my home and as a result my clock is randomly controlled by a realtor so I can't  be at my desk as was the case today.]

Based on a recent posting from the FTC I believe the time is right for the Kantara FIRE work group to start to develop software assessment criteria for a wallet that holds user private data including healthcare data. The following link is on my wiki because the IDESG wiki is currently unavailable. I would like to ask Jim to allocate time to discuss tomorrow. Please follow the link in the context section of this doc to the FTC announcement. There is also a link to an EU wallet requirement which is only available in German at this moment but comes into force within one year.


Should we approach the FTC about getting the above wallet certification into FTC rules? (not legislation)


On Breaches by Health Apps and Other Connected Devices September 15, 2021


  • promote HITRIST ( certification among industry, talk to ONC: do they agree with our assessment? Would they promote HITRUST? 
  • Action: will email Carmen at ONC to see what she says


  • Action: Jim will update Kay

Verified Wallet


  • Two documents
    • Requirements
    • Software assessment criteria
  • Action: all members requested to email comments to Tom

Action items

  • Catherine Schulten will email Carmen Smiley at ONC to get her thoughts
  • Jim Kragh Jim will update Kay
  • All to provide comments to Tom Jones on the proposed requirements for a verified wallet.