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Quorum is achieved


Discussion items


1)  10 minutes:
 Sal, as Chair of the Advanced Notice and Consent Receipt (ANCR) WG will share the creative activity this WG 
has undertaken and we need to determine if this function should be part of the ONC grant submission. Should this 
be classified as a 'trusted application' or a Kantara service feature?  

40minONC Trust Registry Proposal

2)  Phase 1: Discuss ONC Trust Registry Proposal - (20 minutes as is) (updated yesterday by Noreen)

Phase 2: Ref ONC: is now considering a mobile identity framework for vulnerable/homeless populations with a geographic location function - should we include comments on state issued mobile IDs and related mDL with IAL? 

(From an AMA perspective, Dr Tom can discuss the need and interest from the medical community ref this patient population) 

10minKay Cohen Choppard, Kantara ED

3)  Welcoming/Including Kay Cohen Chopard, Kantara ED

           1) Kay being our new Executive Director, I think it is important that we (this team representing 3 Kantara Work Groups) should brief her on our updated ONC grant funding request effort which is about ready of submission to ONC.

           2) Earlier this week Kay sent a FYI announcement to the Chairs ref RSA and their call for speaker presentations due July 15. Yesterday Tom attended a DHS session and shared the following with me:

 "I just attended the DHS meeting on the RFI for mDL use in the federal government. It was a bit disappointing except for a comment from the ACLU representative. The comments from Kantara are due by the end of July and I would like to see a plan. Here are some thoughts about how to proceed.  Here is the doc "

Tom shared his thoughts and a suggestion he made about having the FIRE WG host a Kantara membership call-in session. The WG agreed to share this with Kay and see if she would like to issue an invite to Kantara's at large membership?  The FIRE WG can be Kay's support team since we are engaged with these technical groups.

Action items