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  • ONC Presentation on healthcare frameworks
  • Review Mobile Assurance Statement

Discussion items

12:00pmWorking Group Logistics

Votes passed (5 member quorum):

  • Move FIRE-WG call time to 1pm Tuesdays, biweekly.
  • Catherine Schulten formally recognized as a FIRE-WG member.

ONC Presentation on healthcare frameworks (August 31)

  • Noreen and Catherine are supporting Colin on ONC presentation
  • Catherine will make sure that Dr. Tom’s information is included in the Mobile Authentication Assurance Statement in the section on A Synopsis of the Mobile Identity Authentication Process.

Review Mobile Authentication Assurance Statement

  • “Authentication” added to the title: Mobile Authentication Assurance Statement ("MAAS")
  • Discussed Kantara getting into the business of mobile authentication assurance. per Tom Jones , Kantara Initiative is supportive.
  • CARIN is working on Code of Conduct which should come out soon. MAAS will require mandatory compliance with the Code of Conduct as long as it is enforceable/rigorous. Otherwise FIRE WG will draw up a more rigorous one.
  • The rest of the meeting the WG went over edits to the MAAS document in preparation to post on Kantara site by Friday

Next week we will discuss:

Meeting adjourned at 1:00PM.

Action items