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  • ONC-CMS call last Thursday presented a Public Health Centers -  Vulnerable Population question with a Use Case (attached)
  • CSP enhances with input from three WGs
  • A need for IDEF and a Trust Registry for app developers  before health care apps are required to be accepted by healthcare providers - base on our discussion with Colin & Dr. Tom last week

Meeting convened at 12:24pmEDT

Discussion items

12:24PM EDT

ONC-CMS Public Health Centers - Vulnerable Populations

Jim Kragh

Noreen sent Questions/Edits to Jim with track changes

ONC Office of National Coordination

CMS- Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

ONC-CMS has funding and are looking for solutions to the following:


  • Telemedicine and COVID: ONC-CMS had to drop a lot of requirements to provide service (login online, no matching, no insurance card required)
  • Public Health Centers - this will be our focus
  • Pharmaceutical trials

June 1 Conference and Identity Matching session - online

Jim and Tom Sullivan registered to give 10 minute presentation

Tom: They are interested in the ability of a non-insured person to get access to telemedicine, including non-privately insured people (Medicare/Medicaid). How to get the vulnerable population access to services?

Social worker: Helps vulnerable people get access to Meds, clothing, shelter. They are a Trusted authority on behalf of local authority. VA uses biometrics, local DMV issuing ID cards.

91% of uninsured have smartphones or flip phones. Majority have smartphones.

12:45PM EDTCredential Service Providers

Discussion of Goals

  1. The patient is reliably matched to their Electronic Health Records (EHR) at a portable kiosk.
  2. The patient is given access to their health information in a secure manner.
  3. Patients have the means to access telemedicine with a linkage to their PHI on an EHR.
  4. The patient outcomes are improved by easy exchange and monitoring of patient compliance with the care plan.

Telemedicine: Replace term with “remote connection to a practitioner”

Monitor: can be automated or input by patient

Focus case on smartphone, fall back is flip phone (SMS) then phone call.

1PM EDTTrust Registry for app developersJim Kragh

Colin is interested in exploring this

Jim K, Tom Sullivan and Colin are to meet to discuss this.

Vote unanimous to submit the updated wiki document and proposal to ONC.

Action items