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  1. 2020 Q1:

    We are pleased to inform the Board of the successful creation of the Information Sharing Interoperability Work Group (ISI WG), continuing and expanding on the work previously accomplished in the Consent Information & Sharing Work Group.
    The Group successfully archived the Consent Information & Sharing Work Group (CIS WG). ISI WG is expanding new concepts and information flows towards record-keeping control and management for both the service provider side and the individual side of information sharing between two or more entities.
    ISI WG has organized into several project teams, working on specific solutions to accomplish expanded goals. The WG has taken the current Consent Receipt (CR) specification version 1.1 and will be developing and clarifying fields and field definitions aligning them with other standards, which have emerged since the CIS WG inception.
    The project teams are working around specifications for Notice and Consent, the manifestation of consent using standard definitions and labels. Information sharing through two mechanisms, profiles individuals create and use to proffer the information to others called Standard Information Sharing Agreements. Intent Casting, whereby individuals can infer an intent for suppliers to quote a value exchange, often referred to as a deal or trade. These two projects and the output specifications created contribute to the concept of a Personal Data Use Records (PDR) framework.
    The PDR Framework publication will be contributed through Kantara's official liaison agreement with ISO SC 17/WG 5 "Identity management, privacy technologies and biometrics" into the new ISO 27560 standards project "Consent Record Information Structure" which will be led by Kantara members.
    ISI WG continues our outreach and awareness efforts at industry events and conferences. Following on our success at Identiverse 2019, we have secured a masterclass session at Identiverse 2020 in June where we will showcase progress in the specification publications and implementations by members.