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The Personal Data Use Receipt Framework Specification v01, contributed to the ISI WG on July 30, 2020 by In Turn Information Management Consulting Corp (Andrew Hughes) is attached to this page.

The planned next steps are to review the document with the ISI WG and conduct workshops to generate the first few PDUR Profiles. These initial profiles will assist the WG to confirm that the Framework is soundly constructed and will act as examples for reference by future profile writers.

v0.2 (below - current working document as of 21 Jan 2021)

v0.1 (original document)

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  1. Please add your comments below. You can choose to attach a track change and commented version of the document if that is easier.

  2. As per other location comments, Joe's name should be removed as he was a hired consultant and not a member of this Work Group. Several folks have identified this as something to be addressed. Personally I'd like to see Joe come back to Kantara, although with his new work on DIDs and BC I'm not very hopeful it will happen.  It is a shame this workgroup lost such a valuable resource in Joe. 

  3. If Joe is the actual author of the report, in the interests of transparency and openness that should be retained. It also provides provenance for the IPR contribution. I'll check with Colin or staff to clarify what the procedure and/or check-offs are.

    Plus, to your point, Joe has a good reputation, AFAIK and crediting him for the original contribution adds to the value of the contribution, IMHO.

  4. yes, if Joe is the author then he should be credited as such.

    Is there a plan to discuss the feedback I offered a few weeks back on adding a field for 'basis for processing'. I think that is a critical discussion for the receipt to be generally applicable, and certainly is required in EU. We should discuss that before getting into profile building.

    1. I hope that we can get into the content in the next meeting of the WG, at which point the discussion about a 'basis for processing' would be apropos.

  5. I've updated the document with comments and track changes for typos and word smithing.

  6. Personal Data Use Receipt Framework Contribution distributed the attached version with comments on the mailing list. Posting here for people to access:

  7. Commented version from Lisa LeVasseur

  8. The uploaded Word doc above, from Sept 24, from John, holds my comments in the doc along with John's. I assume the 28th word doc holds Lisa's and John's. 

    So will need to review all of them, and combine with decisions on what to respond to by the group.

  9. I participate in a task force that is advising HHS's Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) about matters related to patient identity.  Personal Data Use Framework and the ability for a patient to get a receipt after they enroll with a provider is a needed piece of functionality.  We are all familiar with the process one encounters when going to see a new clinician (registration, lots of forms to read and sign).  In person the patient can get a copy of the forms they signed...but with the increasing use of telehealth and clinical visits being performed via Zoom ...the whole enrollment process has changed.  Is this document (even in its current draft format) one that I can share externally?  I'd like to advise ONC about this emerging direction because I think it addresses several challenges.