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Thank you for joining the call today. 

This Work Group operates under the Non-Assertion Covenant IPR option found as an appendix to IPR Policies V2.0 that Kantara operates.The Group Participation Agreement memorializes your acknowledgment of the terms under which you participate in this Work Group. Every person who has acknowledged the GPA is listed in the Participant Roster, as a voting or non-voting participant.However, there are circumstances, such as in-person workshops or calls where non-participant guests may be present who have not acknowledged the GPA for this Work Group.

Every person on this call is strongly encouraged to acknowledge the GPA for this Work Group prior to any form of participation.
If you have not, or do not wish to, please Note Well the following before you participate in any form.

  1. In accordance with the Kantara Initiative IPR Policies V2.0, all contributions by voice are valid contributions alongside the much more preferred written contributions and while you still retain your IP, you grant Kantara copyright equivalent to the terms of the Non-Assertion Covenant without further condition or reservation.
  2. It is your own IP and not another party's IP
  3. Such contributions are not confidential or otherwise subject to the limitation in its distribution, including pricing or other competitively sensitive information.

Again, if you are uncertain about any matters, please remain silent and do not contribute anything in writing.



  •  Feedback on PrivMas
  • ISO to DPV - Consent Receipt - An Extension - and Interim Output 
    • DPVCG - gets the input from Kantara - 
      • Mark Lizar going to update the ISO → GDPR - > DPV
  • James Hazard Discussing a system of harmonisation of records and links - 
    • map a simple graph approach into these taxonomies - 
    • express these linked records in a data sharing framework. 
  •  Summer Project - DPV to GA4GH, a mapping project -
    • GA4GH
      • Taxonomy for privacy concerns
        • provides limitations -e.g.
          • Re-contact
          • re-use
      • DPV - Can help - with Vocabulary
        •  data protection vocabulary 
  • Colin -brings up - keep it clear about IPR
    • Harsh - brings up IPR
      • contribution
      • reference
      • a member - post it to another org
    • Mark to looking into using DPV in W3C with ISO 
  • James - bring ups Central Bank efforts - GLIEF  and Actus - assert all flows of money can be modelled on 31 paradigms -  
    • how does this fit in with other standards . 
    • DPV is definitely a key part
    • Legal Entity  - is a critical part
    • universal taxonomy -   

  • DPV → DUO
    • it is a simple as presenting the specified categories for Medical research (from GA4GH) so that they can be mapped with the DPV, and then presented back to that W3C list for comment. 

    • But, this does bring up a lot of questions we should conside, and we should definitely confirm what the objective is before we start. 

    • Are we  looking to be able to specify the same explicit consent research with DUO, but with the DPV? 

      • DUO purposes do not translate into purposes - 
        • DUO - combines purpose and processing 
          • We would have to include both to be able to make a consent receipt for DUO 
      • Restriction - are added as labels 
      • DUO- Schema -
        • can put restriction of sharing - data can only be shared - when doing collaboration with a specific research - 
        • how to restrict  - 

      • Can we use the privacy agreement to specify the consent for genomic research ?  -

      • would be usable in the GA4GH ecosystem ? 

    • Starting point
      • lets test map a unified approach 
      • to legal documents 
    • Should it be a DLC reference implementation, with a  review of the Privacy Agreement for Common Accord, and perhaps a round of feedback from key stakeholders?   


Action items