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IPR Notice


Use case

Vitor Jesus (Use Case Lead) Present health care use case (slides link)

Discussion of the range of use cases in health care and how consent and notice and their extent is varied.

How do we manage the relationships?  In order to represent these there needs to be a full picture.

JH → My sense, as lawyer, is that we need to work at a more abstract level.  That we cannot hope to know what the interaction requirements are, since they vary so greatly from one ocntext to another.  I.e., as lawyer, I think that we are in a certain sense attempting to define the substance, to"legislate."  What is needed is general method.  Law - "contract" in the economic sense is "incomplete" - Hart and Holmtrom

JW → My point was that if you are going to write a general receipt use case, it should recognize that the likelihood of the notice having been read varies between use cases, and similarly that the likelihood of the expression of consent varies between use cases.

HJP → (paraphrased..) Too general the receipt becomes a contract document, in a receipt you can't capture all the use cases.  So you need to have a structured receipt.  If you go outside of that you either extend it or you move to a formal contract.

JW → Here's the use case in health care that I talked about: It comes from the Blockchain and Smart Contracts Kantara report here: UMA Case Studies are here:

JH → and the critical thing is to make the system open - to let the user tweak - and to have a system observe

JH → My GA4GH stuff is here "identities" -

Also of interest is the ISO - LEI registrations (legal entity identifiers)

Spec Review

Reviewed Section 1. 

Reviewed numbering scheme 1.7 goes to 1.9 for LC and then 2.0 when Kantara approved.

HJP → looking at Irish DPO Report on Tracking as consideration for the next section.

Discussion of relationship to V "next" and relationship to Personal Data Use receipt and "sticky", e.g. does policy stick to receipt or does receipt stick to the policy.

Discussion of the relationship to other work such as UMA.  


Use the WG-ISI list to for discussion

Discussion items

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10 min

Action items


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  1. Wonderful to see all the participants on this call. Please bear this mind as I've not seen it as part of meeting minutes:

    Copied from the main meeting minutes:

    3/26 All and any ISI meetings are now required to read this statement before any business is conducted regardless if the meeting is Quorum or not.

    Thank you for joining the call today. 
    This Work Group operates under the Non-Assertion Covenant IPR option found as an appendix to IPR Policies V2.0 that Kantara operates.
    The Group Participation Agreement memorializes your acknowledgment of the terms under which you participate in this Work Group. Every person who has acknowledged the GPA is listed in the Participant Roster, as a voting or non-voting participant.
    However, there are circumstances, such as in-person workshops or calls where non-participant guests may be present who have not acknowledged the GPA for this Work Group.

    Every person on this call is strongly encouraged to acknowledge the GPA for this Work Group prior to any form of participation.
    If you have not, or do not wish to, please Note Well the following before you participate in any form.

    1) in accordance with the Kantara Initiative IPR Policies V2.0, all contributions by voice are valid contributions alongside the much more preferred written contributions and while you still retain your IP, you grant Kantara copyright equivalent to the terms of the Non-Assertion Covenant without further condition or reservation.

    2) it is your own IP and not another party's IP

    3) such contributions are not confidential or otherwise subject to the limitation in its distribution, including pricing or other competitively sensitive information.

    Again, if you are uncertain about any matters, please remain silent and do not contribute anything in writing.