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Date and Time


  • Roll call
    • Sal 
    • Mark 
    • Jan
    • Xiaohu
    • Tom Jones
    • Harsh
    • Anadi
    • Vitor
    • Paul
  • Regrets
    • Mike


Roll call


Alternate meetings between V2 and use cases. 

Mentioned Alphabet web Coronavirus use case, not being covered under HIPAA, and void of notice, transparency or realistic consent. 

Paul mentioned that a consenus is being reached for an identifier for non-governed entities. likely to be known as DID:r:hash, driving toward an identification for content (immutable).

Digital Ledger Consent, Unified Data Control Format and Receipt for explicit notice and consent are also moving forward and may map/work nicely with ISO 29184.

These can inform V2 in terms of different receipt types, in particular notice.

There is an initial update to the Hyperledger RFC that can be reviewed in the next meeting.

Demo and discussion of Blockchain, Receipt, UMA-based, EHR (BRUE) from Vitor and Xiaohu.   Review of use case for cross-regional EHR information sharing. Presentation of BRUE architecture that expands on UMA (and HEART) to include Receipts and Blockchain to address the use case.

There is related work in a number of places inside Kantara where (BRUE) is relevant including UMA, FIRE, HIAWG besides ISI-CRv2

Mark brings up the concept of a contract receipt to convert consent into rule based access control permissions. 

Break the use case down, use case is perhaps the most complex use case.  No comment on format of receipt.  So simplification and look at other things that plug into the use case.

Create a use case page where we can post this and also break it down.

Jan asked if there were any references to tokens on the block chain.  So this may be a new kind of "token" perhaps a "governance token".

Multiple topics overlapping such as a semantic container.

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