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  1. It has become the practice for the Work Group to proceed in the following manner:

    • Each weekly meeting of the WG receives its own page as you can see in the child pages to this page.
    • The chair or co-chair will prefill a page for each weekly meeting with the agenda and a table for the meeting notes, including what is known at the time. The page will have (Draft) in the title.
    • During and after the meeting this page will be updated based on the discussion and decisions during the meeting by the recording secretary, if available. Otherwise, the chair of the meeting or a volunteer will update the page. Participants in the meeting may go back and edit their own contributions for clarity, if necessary.
    • Each of these "Meeting notes" will then serve as the minutes for the meeting - to be approved, or ameneded and approved, at the next meeting where a quorum is achieved. When the minutes are approved, the (Draft) will be removed from the page title and no member should then make any changes to that page.