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Freely input yor requirements for new fields, and modification to existting ones.

Please add your name so clarification can be sought, and initials . If the comment pertains to the wider spec, a comment to the page is probably mroe useful.

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or previous-receipt-id”

A level down the receipt-id so several receipts can be linked to each other under a generic transaction.
This is to support transactions and context; alternatively, a “previous-receipt-id” so that receipts can be linked together and establish an underlying context of referrals.
  • Definitely a GAP -
    sub-id- Nesting - referencing protocol for constant - sub-id-nesting 
  • Harsh -Not a good idea- for new consent records or changes
  • Sub-id Notifications 

  • Consent Record 
Use case - site the id's of a consent receipt for breach notification - 

VJauthz-tokenwhich should be kept fairly secret between the Controller and Subject that allows the receipt to be used as a bearer token that uniquely identifies and authorises the bearer as owner of the personal data.

VJcontrol-urlto provide a recorded point of contact to the Data Controller. I am imagining a URL that Subjects can use to, e.g., request deletion of their personal data or simply to revoke consent. It does not have to be a URL, of course, and could some other locator or identifier


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