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Community Liaison co-ordination, inviting, trade associations, Standards Development Organisations, to collaborate on unified interoperable notice and consent data vocabulary controls, and records for personal data control.

Committee Goal(s)

This Project is a working liaison on Consent Record works, focusing  on combining inputs from multiple committees for input into ISO/IEC 27560 Privacy technologies: Consent record information structure - study period, for a unified input.

Compiling all the pending inputs into a complete notification governance standard or explicit Consent, with a maximum explicit consent use case for medical research, international interoperability, with a distributed ledger proof, consent receipt.

Including, an appendix with; notice, notification, and an explicit consent receipt types. As wells as a consent interop appendix mapping legal justifications to consent and notice, with a unified data control vocabulary for a consistent cross domain  types for people to understand. 

bringing together multiple standards, from different communities, to be able to demonstrate standards based interop, with W3C, ISO, COEL,  and UMA.

Project Team

  • Liaison Committee Chair:
    • Mark Lizar

Project Group Code Name: AdvCIS

Open To All

  • Unified Data Control Vocabulary
  • Consent State 
  • Strong & Active Transparency 

Project Start Date: March 25th 

First official liaison meeting kick off is on  March Wed 25, 2020

  • Project  presentation to launch effort, ISI WG, Thursday 12, March 2020

First draft provides framework for interop - projected July,  when this liaison committee will come to an end. 

NOTE: Kantara WG will provide an open access to the outputs of this work for interoperability.   


The Open Notice project brought the spec work to ISWG in 2015.  

The Consent Receipt (CR) V1.1 was the output  from Kantara frozen in 2017 used as input into GDPR and the Meaningful consent law in Canada.  

Since 2018, Liaison work with ISO, W3C, OASIS, and MyData. Producing multiple inputs to the CR2: (replacing appendices and addressing tabled issues)

Reference Tech

Project Liaisons

  • Kantara & ISO Liaison Committee 
    • Colin Wallis
  • W3C: Data Privacy Vocabulary and Control CG
    • Harshvander Pandit 
    • Joni Brennan & PCTF Liaison TBA
  • MyData:
    • Coelition & OASIS COEL
      • Joss Langford
    •  aNG - Liaison
      • Oliver DIon
      • Mattais De Bievre
  • Common Accord & Trust Fabric
    • Jim Hazzard & 
  • Human Colossus Foundation, Hyperledger Aries and TOIP
    • Paul Knowles & Jan Lindquist
  • University British Columbia & Molecular You
    • Dr. Victoria Lemieux 
    • Ian Costanzo - SSI 
      • Liaison
        • Anadi Panharkar
  • Birmingham City University
    • Dr. Vitor Jesus
      • Liaison 
        • Xiaohu Zhou

(note; Additional liaisons have/will been, invited to support, and contribute to the input in the ISO 27560. If you have a liaison recommendations, please let us know) 

Contributions, Inputs: 

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RFC Implementation

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