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Problem space

Why are we doing this?

Problem statement

The Consent Receipt v1.1 from Kantara was frozen in 2017 and has seen enormous success as seen, e.g., in adoption across organisations, as it brings efficiency, compliance and user control. The original receipt was primarily aimed at personal information and, to a large extent, driven by upcoming regulations (at the time) such as EU's GDPR. Adaptations to different contexts such as Healthcare or Financial are now common but, as expected, the current specification is often limiting and requires modifications to specific use-cases.

This project aims at

Impact of this problem

There is a proliferation of modifications to the original specifcation in order to accommodate other use-cases which leads to non-standard and non-interoperable specifications. Standardisation of a wider framework is expected to greatly help applications and use-cases from independent implementations to be interoperable.

How do we judge success?

The project will deliver 

  • Notice & Consent Specification for cross domain (International) Personal Data Control

What are the possible solutions?

This is an update of the current specificationof Consent Receipt v1.1.


What do we already know?

The Open Notice project brought the spec work to ISWG in 2015.  

The Consent Receipt (CR) V1.1 was the output  from Kantara frozen in 2017 used as input into GDPR and the Meaningful consent law in Canada.  

Since 2018, Liaison work with ISO, W3C, OASIS, and MyData. Producing multiple inputs to the CR2: (replacing appendices and addressing tabled issues)

What do we need to answer?

Ready to make it

What are we doing?

Why will a customer want this?

In general, Receipts bring business, compliance and efficiency. A framework for generic receipts will allow wide dissemination of the underlying technology.

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