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Roll:  Mark Lizar ,Jan Lindquist, Paul Knowles, Vitor Jesus  (no quorate)

  • EIC September 17 2021
    • slides about Kantara (PK, JL to send VJ ~3 slides)
    • slides from JL about a Privacy Assurance programme

  • comments to ISO27560 WD3 (deadline was 16-aug)

  • use-cases for ANCR (ACTION)
    • Four use-cases to consider for discussion:

      • (1) web form or app registration (quite static but strong and voluntary identity information);

      • (2) cookies (quite dynamic without strogn identity);

      • (3) children giving consent mediated by a parent (delegation);

      • (4) automated schemes (like UMA or credentials( where a receipt is issued in parallel, including verified credentials scenarios

      • (5) unacknowledged or implicit surveillance?
    • for each use-case,
      • name
      • description
      • real-world sequence diagram
      • mapping against jurisdictions, regulations, standards, best-practice
    • identity what the receipt should look like

  • other comments
    • legal basis in receipts

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