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ate and Time


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  • IPR
  • Minutes  Approval 
  • Agenda Approval
  • Intros
  • Agenda Items Discussion
    • Actions pending
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  • Updates from the consent community
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Roll call


Participant List


IRP Policy Announcement

Approve Minutes 

ANCR WG 20210421 DRAFT


Discussion of the difference between human centric approaches vs. technical centric approaches that typically only consider enterprise risk.

Go to the beginning of the workflow.

and how this relate to 

Need to describe privacy framework, privacy agreement and how this relates and constrast with current privacy policy.

Human, Legal State Change, and Lifecycle 

Initial receipt is a notice (do we agree). → the anchor receipt → the part of a receipt that is common across use cases.

Privacy promise....

(part of framework, not discussed, could be quality of notice).

ANCR receipt

  • Place of notice digital and physical location (of the person)
  • Method in 1.2 
    • how do I do this 
  • Method of collection of consent vs. collection of notice
  • Method of deliver of notice
    • Related to quality of consent and better definition of risk
  • Location is where the subject is exposed to the policy.
    • Tell me that you agree
      • (Consent Methods....)
      • And whether the notice is legally compliant
  • Can you consent if you don't know who you are dealing with...
    • In the US implicit consent is the norm...
  • Make it something that Bob could figure out...
    • 1.1. was call your lawyer to fill out the field..
  • You want to be able to create your own receipt, that captures the level of transparency at that interaction
    • Quality of Notice
    • Use of Rights


  • Define Initial Notice Receipt Fields
  • May 4th workshop
  • IIW presentation
    • Thursday Noon
  • Review framework 


  • Review receipt fields (uploaded) -> test against:
    • transborder requirements
    • delegation
    • outsourced receipts ("store")
    • legally covering GDPR and other potential laws/acts/regulations
    • can we pair receipts for active state
  • Updating language on our part is an important next step
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