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Date and Time


  • Roll
  • IPR
  • Minutes  Approval 
  • Agenda Approval
  • Intros
  • Agenda Items Discussion
    • Actions pending
    • Actions new
  • Updates from the consent community
    • W3C DPV and Consent Workgroup, community group to discuss consent on a broad level, legal, ethical, socials, etc.
  • AOB

Roll call





Tom Jones


Participant Roster

IRP Policy Announcement

Approve minutes

Mark to approve both of above, no objections.


Tom Jones

Community Input

Beatriz presented the new consent effort "Consent on the Web Community" at the W3C we look forward to the collaboration and the ability to expand the reach of our WG effort as a result.


  1. Review of receipt fields. Everyone should review spreadsheet which is in the files folder 
    2. Editable spreadsheet for review: 
  2. Narrative
    1. Mark's Update
      1. Consent is the framework for notice, provided update in Framework Doc
      2. Vectors of consent and current crosstalk
      3. Explicity legal notice
      4. Use the receipt more than once
      5. Decentralized data governance across architectures
      6. Use receipt as a token 
      7. Rights profile 
      8. Delegation component necessary for the identity management community, can't generate delegation from identity management
      9. EU Privacy Directive Update
    2. Blog Post
      1. Initial brief post up
  3. Delta 1.1.
    1. Mark's Update
  4. Open issues
  5. Admin Workflow and Resources
  6. Formalize work plan
    1. Expand group participation, open to all
    2. Presentations from abcd to 
  7. ISO input
    1. Consenet record structure
    2. DPV for semantic harmonization and consent vectors
  8. Elections
    1. The inaugural officers were all voted into 1 year terms.
      1. Motion Jan, unanimous vote.
  9. Use Cases
    1. Airside (Peter)
    2. Immunity Passports
    3. PaECG

Small, bite size chunks of delta, start with structure of core receipt.

Header is the notice component w/controller identity

Legal justifiction then further field descrptions

Consent notice receipt is the base max schema, which sets consideration for 1.2

.....then extensible: receipt type, interest notice, contract notice....


End of March informal freeze specification and fields, also determine areas for later work, not included in current specification publication.

Early-Mid April (draft for ISO consideration during next comment period)

End of April draft for circulation 

End of May consolidate comments

End of June publication

Need to coordinate (and determine) ISO 27560 comments and drafts schedule with that of the workgroup.

Determine any resources we need to support the workgroup and specification publication.

Discussion of election process, desire to have WG leadership roles apart from Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Editor. Open to adding these as the opportunity arises.

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