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This Participant Roster indicates those participants who signed the Group Participation Agreement (GPA) for the PEMC Work Group. Habitual non-attenders of meetings are at risk of having their participation status unilaterally changed to non-voting. Participants who wish to re-establish voting rights may do so simply by attending a meeting and stating this preference. Participants of all stripes always have mailing-list posting privileges.

Voting Participants 

ParticipantOrganizationGPA Date
Davis, PeterAirside Mobile2021-11-15
Hodges, GailN/A2021-10-21

Hughes, Andrew

(Changed to voting 2021-11-17)

ITIM Consulting2021-11-02
Jones, ThomasInd.2021-11-02
Thoma, AndreasApple2021-11-29
Williams, ChristopherInd.2021-11-10
Wunderlich, JohnN/A2021-10-22

Non-Voting Participants 

This table tracks non-voting participants of the PEMC Working Group.




Aronson, MarcPA Assoc. of Notaries2021-10-21

Brudnicki, David

(non-voting as of 2021-11-29)

Gropper, AdrianN/A2021-10-21
Jordaan, LoffieAAMVA2021-10-21
LeVasseur, LisaN/A2021-11-15
Whysel, NoreenN/A2021-11-03
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