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Tom Jones has created a Credential Aggregation User Story

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  1. This is a user journey that involves getting access to a gym membership where 3 creds are required. It is easy to get three cards out of a physical wallet, but the current trend is for different digital creds to be stored in different user wallets as specified by different issuers. 

    Credential Aggregation - MgmtWiki (

    Reminder that not all use cases need to be accommodated in the first instance. but also that failure to provide a user experience that is as functional as a physical card will limit the user acceptance of the entire concept of an mDL. The UX of getting creds from different wallets while walking past a receptionist doesn't seem to be an acceptable UX.

    This particular journey was also shared with other standards orgs. This was created prior to the deployment of a example design pattern for PEMC user stories, and has not be converted to the new pattern.