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Voting (4 of 7 required for quorum)

1Davis, PeterY
2Hodges, GailY
3Hughes, AndrewY
4Jones, ThomasY
5Thoma, AndreasY
6Williams, ChristopherY
7Wunderlich, JohnY


1Aronson, MarcY
2Brudnicki, David
3Dutta, Tim
4Fleenor, Judith
5Gropper, Adrian
6Jordaan, LoffieY
7LeVasseur, Lisa
8Snell, Oliver
9Stowell, Therese
10Tamanini, Greg
11Whysel, Noreen

Other attendees


  • Check-in on work progress
  • Review draft outline and assign writing tasks

Discussion items


Call to Order

If quorum:

  • Approve agenda
  • Approve minutes
  • Meeting called to order at 13:02
  • The meeting does have a quorum
  • Tom notes that the Linux Foundation Public Health group is discussing issuer's requiring things of mobile devices - Tom shared PEMC with them
  • Christopher W presented to STA monthly meeting
    • STA preparing for a conference end-February (Utah)
      • Dates overlap with AAMVA event (San Diego)
  • AAMVA event - open event - targeted conversations on specific topics - pop up classroom
    • This one is about mDL (March 1, 2 2022)
10 min.Actions or issues from prior meetings

See tasks on Meeting Page

Reviewed completed tasks

40 min.Report content discussion & reviewAll

Loffie - overview of AAMVA implementation guidance material

  • Available on the AAMVA web site
  • a resource guide for issuing authorities
    • tech interoperability
    • trust an mDL from another issuer
    • privacy enhancing implementation
    • 18013-5 is the basis & qualifies it for AAMVA purposes & covers additional topics
      • e.g. AAMVA Namespace - new data elements, make some mandatory, versioning
      • e.g. constrain to fewer cryptographic protocols for issuers
  • Also brings in material from Future Identity Council documents
  • Various discussions and questions ensued.


  • Ensure that PEMC takes in FIC contributions alongside AAMVA inputs - in case some items were dropped due to AAMVA constraints
  • Must increase diversity in PEMC  - work with Kantara ED on broader initiatives
5 min.Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned at 14:00 Eastern Time

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Action items