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Davis, PeterY
Hodges, GailRegrets
Hughes, AndrewY
Jones, ThomasY
Thoma, Andreas
Williams, ChristopherRegrets
Wunderlich, JohnY


Aronson, MarcY
Brudnicki, David
Dutta, Tim
Gropper, Adrian
Jordaan, LoffieY
LeVasseur, Lisa
Snell, Oliver
Tamanini, Greg
Whysel, Noreen

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Judith Fleenor


  • Check-in on work progress

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If quorum:

  • Approve agenda
  • Approve minutes
  • Called to Order
  • The meeting is quorate
10 min.Actions or issues from prior meetings

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40 min.Report content discussion & reviewAll
  • Observation that PEMC WG should not attempt to define "Privacy" - WG should focus on the in-scope work and define what a "Privacy Enhancing Mobile Credential" 
  • Discussion on Abstract Use Cases concept
    • Suggestion to break the single use case/data flows diagram into the 5-ish use cases under consideration
  • Discussion on prioritization of submitted draft use case material - proposed designations:
    • P1 - Must include the use case in the target Report
    • P2 - Should include the use case in the target Report
    • P3 - May include (parking lot)
    • Will need to agree on the criteria for assigning each use case to a priority designation
  • Tom Jones Discuss Biometric Pre Check Use Case
    • Comment for air travel
      • the policy author is set prior to travel
      • the policy enforcement is determined by the travel destination
      • There may be other enforcement points
    • There may be multiple identification points - to enter the airport controlled area; to board the plane; to enter the destination country
    • In the diagram, note that the Wallet is the "PIP"
    • In the diagram the "ticket" is the union of the policies
5 min.Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned. 14:00

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