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Work Group Approval Process


This page describes the process by which a Kantara Initiative (KI) Work Group (WG) is approved by the Leadership Council (LC).

Leadership Council Approval Process

  1. The Proposing Participant obtains a blank Work Group Charter template, downloads a copy of it, and fills it out.
  2. The Proposing Participant (or whover is named as the leader in the WG Charter) submits the completed WG Charter to the LC Secretary via email.
  3. The LC Secretary, in conjunction with the KI Staff, review the WG Charter to ensure it adheres to the rules laid out in the Bylaws and Operating Procedure documents.
    NOTE: This step is only to ensure the charter adheres to the template requirements, and does not include any vetting of the proposed work.
  4. The LC Secretary notifies the Proposing Participant when the WG Charter is officially accepted, and forwards the WG Charter to KI Staff.
  5. KI Staff saves a copy of the WG Charter and adds it to the wiki, removing email addresses from all named Proposers other than the named Leader, and forwards the link to the LC Secretary for distribution.
    NOTE: The KI Staff need the email addresses of the proposers in order to provision the email distribution list, but they do not need to be made public.
  6. The LC Secretary announces to the LC discussion list that a new WG Charter is available for review, along with a link to the wiki page.
  7. The LC Chair, working with the LC and Proposing Participant, sets a date for voting on the WG Charter, to be held within 30 days of being received by the LC Secretary.

NOTE: Voting for WG Charters can be held via the LC discussion list or teleconference. In order to be approved, a WG Charter must receive a Simple Majority of the LC Member votes.

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