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  • LC telecon Minutes 2012-09-12
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Minutes approved 10 October 2012

LC telecon 2012-09-12

Date and Time

  • Date: Wednesday, 12 September 2012
  • Time: 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 20:00 UTC (time chart)
  • Call-in toll-free number: 1-866-203-0920
  • Call-in number: 1-206-445-0056
    • Conference Code: 5423695925#
  • International Dial-In Numbers


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve LC telecon Minutes 2012-08-22
  3. Administration:
    1. Executive Director report
    2. Action Item Review
    3. Quarterly Reports
    4. Kantara F2F planning
  4. Discussion
    1. WG - Attributes In Motion - CHARTER
    2. Kantara Initiative Budget 2013 (See section 7 of the  By-Laws)
    3. Trust Framework Subcommittee
    4. NSTIC
  5. WG Updates
  6. BoT Liaison Representative Update
  7. AOB
  8. Adjourn


  • Colin Wallis
  • Eve Maler
  • Colin Soutar
  • Bob Pinheiro
  • John Bradley
  • Pete Palmer
  • Patrick Curry

Quorum is 6 of 10 as of 06 June 2012.


  • Joni Brennan
  • Heather Flanagan (scribe)


  • Tom Smedinghoff


  • Myisha Frazier-McElveen

Minutes & Notes


Approve LC telecon Minutes 2012-08-22

  • Patrick: motion to approve the minutes; Colin S seconds; no further discussion, Minutes Approved

Executive Director report

  • IAF: IAWG has been working through the Disp of Comments; should soon have a next step with the LC after all the Comments have been acknowledged; group is also working on a process on how to handle comments that come in outside of  a review cycle; staff will be proposing a simple issue tracking tool by 20 September
  • FEd Inter and eGov continue to do good work and coordination around collecting of profiles and identifying which profiles are key to being deployed and used for point of verification for SAML; there has been action around LoA standardization (see RFC 6711)
  • Upcoming Events with Kantara participation :
    • OIX - UK-IDAP meeting on the 8th of October in London, just in advance of RSA Europe; (John) there is also a Trust Frameworks September 25 meeting - question as to which (or both?) is happening; (Joni) main goal is to have what Kantara can and cannot do be properly represented in this group; (Patrick) from the UK point of view, they are emphasizing the Kantara perspective on the assurance space
    • RSA EU - Oct 9-12, participating for some UK cryptocommons sessions
    • Federal Computer Weekly - Oct 18, participating with Experian and a few others to talk about federal standards
    • APWG (AntiPhishing Working Group) - Oct 21-25, focused on anti-fraud and e-crime, and an ICANN meeting along side; bringing the identity space in to the larger cybersecurity space; federation and trust framework as a means for fighting fraud, identifying bad actors; (Patrick) be aware some of the G20 agreements in this space, including LEI and how that relates to organizational ID for national registers
    • IDESG meeting - Oct 29-30, some committees are moving forward at speed and there are many coordination issues;
      • the Accreditation Standing committee is starting to move forward; Richard Wilsher is the chair of that committee, they are meeting weekly and working on charter;
      • the Trust Framework Work Group: Joni is chair for now along with Dazza Greenwood and Frank Caruana as Vice-Chairs and that group is also focusing on charter;
      • Standards workgroup - John Bradley is Secretary; Governance Taskforce is meeting this week in DC
    • Kantara F2F - results of the poll thus far indicate probably Oct 31-Nov 1
  • Position paper needs to go forward from the IAWG
  • Working with an organization for a PR campaign for Kantara; that will be going through the BoT; do not have a contract yet but requirements are being developed
  • ARB has concluded the review of Zygma as a potential assessor and that goes to the BoT tomorrow


Action Item Review


Assigned To





Heather Flanagan

In Progress

collect and coordinate input on changes to make to the operating agreement

OP draft sent to LC list 12-Sep-2012
20120530-04Patrick Curry, Colin Wallis, Joni Brennan, Ken DaggIn ProgressCome up with first pass of industry classification and Venn diagramDraft out to list for discussion; no feedback received; maybe amend this in to a slide that is sector specific; also having this conversation in the Trust Framework Work Group (NSTIC)
20120822-01Pete PalmerIn ProgressContact Bob Pinheiro re: Consumer Identity WG closureFurther discussion in the new Strategic LC meetng next week
20120829-01Heather FlanaganCompleteKantara Participant poll re: dates for Kantara Plenary mtgSummary: 14 responses, 8 of which had Oct 31-Nov 1 as first choice
20120829-02Heather FlanaganCompletesend out e-vote to LC re: supportSummary: 6 votes, 5 in favor, 1 abstain
20120829-03Heather FlanaganCompletesend out a reminder to Kantara Participants re: NSTIC poll and send final results to LC, BoT on Wednesday 5 SeptemberSummary:


New Action Items


Assigned To




20120912-01Joni Brennan corral those interested in the UK-IDAP efforts (at least Colin W, Patrick, Joni)Will need more than one meeting, before Oct 8 and between Oct 12-16
20120912-02Heather Flanagan set up a separate strategic focused LC meeting (no quorum required) 
20120912-03Heather Flanagan send a call out to the Members list looking for a host for the Kantara F2F 
20120912-04Joni Brennan Send out a personal Deloitte, Experian, KPMG, ISOC 


  • Proposal to move the LC to weekly, one week focused on Administration (doc approval, budget, etc) and a longer call to discuss Strategy
    • (Patrick) we had a strategy group that met in Munich; is there a clear distinction between Strategy around future of identity and strategic direction of Kantara? (Joni) recognizing all these components are related, there is a reasonable line between internal Kantara activities and how Kantara responds, and specific liaising activities within the BoT
    • (Pete) alternative proposal, have the two calls but of equal length
    • First topic: what to do in the Consumer space, in context of AntiFraud

Quarterly Reports

See Quarterly Reports

  • Note that Open Source WG chair, Mikaël Mates has been contacted and intends to send out a poll to his group regarding stepping up activity or closure
  • All groups are encouraged to update their Participant Roster with attendance and participation

Consumer Identity group

  • this was originally inherited from Liberty as a fraud prevention discussion; looking to potentially move this to NSTIC since it has not taken off in Kantara
  • (Patrick) suggest looking at what's happening from a law enforcement point of view and how these kinds of things are being prosecuted; (Joni) also look at what the AntiPhishing WG is doing; (Bob) look at website ( for position paper on this topic; (Joni) maybe something to talk about how trust frameworks could be a tool for anti-fraud


Kantara F2F Planning

  • poll says the most popular time is after the NSTIC F2F; targeting DC for Oct 31-Nov 1
  • Need to lock down:
    • a host (probably not more than 50 people, anywhere in the DC metro area)
    • potential sponsors for lunches (though registration is not dependent on that component)
    • registration page
    • listing of nearby hotels


WG - Attributes In Motion - CHARTER

  • The AMDG has published their report, had a number of next steps discussion, there is work to do beyond what would be in the scope of a DG, so it is likely time to form a WG
  • Two paths identified: an ongoing landscape review; more active component around Framework Definition and Best Practice around an attribute broker model and the certification - not how to exchange or build trust, but how to verify attributes and what is appropriate for those exchanges; basically attributes as a component of compliance; so this group would be reaching out to a broad range of stakeholders to liaise with them (OASIS for the Trust Elevation, OIX for the Exchange, etc)
  • One comment received: better positioned as a Creative Commons IPR policy not a PC and RAND IPR
  • Discussion
    • (ColinW) is this too non specific or should it tie more tightly with some of the other groups working in this space? email response back is that the positioning is right because it is not overlapping and is adjacent enough; note that the verbal explanation is more clear than what is written; there should be an allowance for word-smithing of the charter but otherwise supportive of this moving forward (will have his name on it as a proposer)
    • Call for other proposers? none on this call (no discussion)

Kantara Initiative Budget 2013 (See section 7 of the  By-Laws)

  • As part of the yearly process, one of the responsibilities of the LC is to prepare an LC allocated funding budget; in the past the LC has requested a certain amount of funds for specific projects/deliverables for specific work groups; last year a budget request was submitted, but the BoT was unable to fund the request; there has been some improvement in the overall financial outlook for Kantara, but still probably not sufficient to make full funding of projects possible (this is part of why the BoT is funding a press campaign, to raise awareness, membership, and accreditation to bring in funds)
  • Rather than asking the LC to go through a full budget prep, it might be a good point to seek guidance as to whether any budget prep should be undertaken now, or undertaken later in the year; in any case, the LC should be in discussion with the BoT regarding the budget
  • Discussion
    • (Colin) based on the funding situation, the resolution that needs to come out of the LC is that the time for prepping the budget is now, we recognize the cash situation as it is now, and so not proposing to spend time and resource creating a budget for which there is no cash available to support it
    • (John) has the BoT formally said that there are no funds? the BoT should inform the LC what money is budgeted so the LC can then match WG requests to the available pot of money
    • (Joni) completely reasonable to ask the BoT for guidance at this point; will bring it up to the BoT on the call tomorrow

Trust Framework Subcommittee

  • move to the Strategy Call agenda


  • move to the Strategy Call agenda


WG Updates

  • HIAWG - good meeting 2 weeks ago, at quorum; everyone is on board with coming up with materials that will go out and spread the word to local/national initiatives to promote the identity assurance framework, the assessors program, and their relevance to the Health Information Exchange; assignments will be parceled out next week at the next HIAWG meeting
  • eGov - failed quorum last week; do have some pressing work, a revised charter which has gone several rounds and ready to be voted through; eGov profile has been moved to the FIWG just need to minute the fact that that has happened; have a new profile from The Netherlands and they are asking for review of that

Further updates for the Administrative call in 2 weeks

BoT Liason Report

  • short report on LC polls regarding Kantara and NSTIC; reviewed financial picture and various agreements regarding consortium management and secretariat services with the IEEE-ISTO; discussed core features of PR efforts about to start



Meeting close @ 14:30 PT / 17:30 ET


Next meetings

  • Date: Wednesday, 19 (Strategy) & 26 (Operational/Administrative) September 2012
  • Time: 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 20:00 UTC (time chart)
  • Call-in toll-free number: 1-866-203-0920
  • Call-in number: 1-206-445-0056
    • Conference Code: 5423695925#
  • International Dial-In Numbers
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