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  • LC telecon Minutes 2012-03-21
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LC telecon 2012-03-21

Minutes approved 2012-05-09

Date and Time


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve 2012-03-07 Minutes
  3. Discussion: report back from Attribute Workshop, IDTrust, and NSTIC Governance (week of 12-March-2012)
  4. WG Updates
  5. BoT Liaison Representative Update
  6. AOB
  7. Adjourn


Quorum is 6 of 10 as of 13 August 2011.

  • Jonas Hogberg - TelcoID WG
  • Tom Smedinghoff - P3 WG
  • Pete Palmer - Health Care Identity Assurance WG / LC Chair
  • Myisha Frasier-McElveen - Identity Assurance WG
  • Bob Pinheiro - Consumer Identity WG
  • Colin Wallis - eGov WG / BoT Liaison


  • Joni Brennan


Joni Brennan covering for Heather Flanagan who is having connectivity issues.



  1. Eve Maler

Roll Call

Minutes & Notes

Approve 2012-03-07 Minutes

Comment: Fix spelling error of Bob's last name.

eGov/BoT Liaison Rep: Moves to approve minutes with the correction of spelling of Bob's last name.
Consumer ID: Seconds

Discussion: None
Objections: None

Motion Carries to Approve March 7th Minutes with unanimous consent.

Discussion: report back from Attribute Workshop, IDTrust, and NSTIC Governance (week of 12-March-2012)

Attribute Workshop:
Discussion and summary of Attribute Workshop.  Goals were to knowledge share across multi-focus and multi-context communities.  Attendees included representatives from Research and Education, State, Local and Tribal Governments, Enterprise, Standards Setting and Fostering Organizations, International Federal Governments. Organizations and attendees shared overviews of their work in the Attribute space. One high-level next step is the creation of a requirements document for the creation and resourcing of an Attribute Registry. 

Discussion: What are next steps? The Attribute Registry Requirements document will likely be socialized with in the workshop stakeholder group and likely further externally as it develops.  A follow on meeting may be planned but is not yet confirmed.

In comparison to previous IDTrust events it has been said that this event was more focused on policy, privacy and business models, where previously the IDTrust focus had been on PKI and Crypto space. There was much discussion of Attribute Management and Exchange and how these areas of identity may be drivers for business models which engage less traditional Identity Providers like banks and credit bureaus.  NIST representative presented interested idea of potential to use crypto technology as Privacy Enhancing.  Trust Models were also discussed.
Program and Presentations:

Discussion: Does Kantara have a strategic position regarding business models which focus on Attribute Exchange and monetization of user-data? Not currently but this could be a broader LC discussion.
Action: LC Secretary and Chair to include a specific agenda topic on subsequent LC call to discuss this issue further.

NSTIC Governance Steering Committee Workshop:
NSTIC NPO held a one day workshop to present the recent NSTIC recommendations for formation of the Steering Committee (1) as well as the Federal Funding Opportunity (2). The workshop opening sessions were shared via webcast and questions were taken from attendees in the room as well as on twitter. The event slides and notes were also posted (3).


WG Updates

Tabled as call time ran out.

BoT Liason Report

Tabled as call time ran out.


Action: Joni to send details of "Subscriber" class participation regarding recent update of Kantara ByLaws v1.3 which requires further updates to Operating Procedures.  The LC has in its domain the engagement of Operating Procedure changes.


Next Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 28 March, 2012
  • Time: 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 20:00 UTC (time chart)
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